Where Life and Finance Meet™

ViaWealth designs portfolios for individual investors, institutions and charitable endowments. We offer our clients customized portfolio design and comprehensive financial planning to ensure they are prepared for When Life and Finance Meet.

We offer both active and passive investment strategies to fit your needs and prepare your investments to not only survive but thrive in a wide array of economic conditions. As a Fiduciary, your success is our primary objective. We are legally and ethically obligated to act in your best interest at all times, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Guidance-Driven Investing

Once our clients come to understand the life they want to lead, our process is straightforward. Here are the steps we take to ensure our clients’ investments support what matters most to them:

Gain clarity around your intentions and goals, so you can make informed, intentional decisions.

Create a plan to help achieve what matters most to you and your family.

Construct a personal, customized portfolio tailored to your individual preferences.

Understand Clients' Goals, Create Financial Plan, Construct Personlized Portfolio

Identify Preferences & Set Expectations

With a clear understanding of our clients’ intentions and goals, we focus on identifying their investment preferences and establishing expectations on investing efforts. We spend the time needed to explain the objectives, potential advantages and trade-offs of the various investing opportunities.
We utilize powerful technology to help our clients visualize, formulate and recognize their preferences.
The lnvestmentViewfinderSM helps us educate and guide our clients, leading to collaborative conversations about goals and preferences.
  • Guide clients through a series of trade-offs
  • Identify the right balance of competing attributes
  • Formulate priorities for customized portfolios
  • Help clients recognize their preferences and manage expectations

Constructing Customized Portfolios

From our Core Portfolios to customizing portfolios with specialized strategies, our approach centers around our clients and their goals. ViaWealth has a vast array of core portfolios and strategies to aid us in building the proper portfolio for each client.

Whether primarily driven by concerns over protection, performance or cost, we customize our clients’ portfolios and help them manage risk with a comprehensive set of investment vehicles, including:

Fixed Income Strategies

Tactical Strategies

ESG/SRI Strategies

Equity Option Overlays


We work with clients to construct and manage customized portfolios that fulfill a purpose.
By taking the time and care needed, we go beyond the typical client investment portfolio.

Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy is rooted in two key facts – life brings change, and better information leads to better decisions. Our role is to guide clients through the intersections of life and finance, aligning them with proper investment solutions based on robust information and careful weighing of risk and reward.

We offer our clients a vast array of Investment Management Services, including: