It Starts with You

At ViaWealth, we build financial plans and investment portfolios for others the way that we would like to have them built for ourselves, given the same goals. We bring our years of experience in dealing with retail/institutional asset managers and service providers to individual investors, families and institutions.

We believe that fees should be simple, transparent, reasonable and billed in arrears rather than in advance.

Risk and liquidity should be a primary concern of all investment portfolios.

Clients should have the choice of both active and passive investment strategies.

Any and all 3rd party fees/commissions should be transparent, clearly communicated and approved by the client prior to selection or engagement.

At ViaWealth, we use transparent, efficient investment vehicles to reach your desired financial goals

We do not use proprietary funds.
We offer in-house services and subadvisor services that deliver great value.
We have built a preferred provider network of best-in-class ancillary service providers in Tax, Accounting and Legal.
We utilize a behavioral-based, values-driven approach to managing your investments, considering income needs, other income sources, tax liability, legacy desires and more.

We use the same plans and processes to manage our own assets as we use to manage those of our clients.

We utilize our experience in managing our own personal assets and the assets of our charitable foundation to most effectively and efficiently attain our goals. We use this knowledge to manage the accounts of others. Our goal is to treat our clients the way that we would like to be treated.

We give the type of advice that we would want to receive.

We recommend investments that we would make in our own portfolios.

We build financial plans or recommend strategies that we believe in and utilize.

We charge fees that are simple, transparent, reasonable, represent value and are always billed in arrears.

We refer 3rd party service providers that are best-in-class.

“It’s really pretty simple… if it’s not good enough for us,
it certainly is not good enough for our clients.”

We are a Fiduciary and as such, must always act in your best interest

To be a true investment advisor, one must be acting as a fiduciary at all times. In order to be a fiduciary, one must act in the best interest of the client regardless of personal gain or loss. Many financial service providers in the business of providing advice are not bound by this rule and thus may or may not always act in their client’s best interest.

At ViaWealth we take the idea of a Fiduciary a step further. Not only do we act in our client’s best interest at all times, we also treat them the way that we would like to be treated, given the same goals. Time-tested plans and processes combined with transparent and efficient investment techniques ensure we are always doing our best for our clients.