Virtix Investment Advisors Opens Doors to Elevated Client Experience

Virtix Investment Advisors Opens Doors to Elevated Client Experience

Virtix Investment Advisors (Virtix) proudly announces their launch as a fiduciary investment advisory firm licensed in Kansas and Minnesota and headquartered in Kansas City. Specializing in comprehensive wealth management for individual investors, institutions, and charitable endowments, Virtix offers both active and passive investment strategies to fulfill their mission of providing an elevated client experience and guidance Where Life and Finance Meet™.

“We have partnered with Goldman Sachs and assembled best-in-class investments, planning, education, and support to help our clients accomplish their unique goals,” said Reid Larson, Co-Managing Partner, further explaining, “Virtix is a new idea that is long overdue – the highest quality investment offering coupled with superior customer service. Our ‘elevated experience’ is the fruition of a continuous pursuit of offering the best client engagement and communication tools and an unmatched corporate culture.”

Recognizing the need of sound financial advising for investors, institutions and foundations who want to see not only their money grow, but their communities as well, Virtix is committed to bringing an elevated experience to their clients, team, stakeholders, and colleagues and aspires to positively impact and enrich the community they serve. The firm provides customized portfolio design and comprehensive financial planning services for high-net-worth investors, institutions, and charitable endowments that are looking to make a greater impact in their communities and the causes they support.

“By bringing together world-class solutions from the outset, we are ensuring our clients the best in service, technology, and transparency, as well as aligning them with powerful resources to further grow their wealth and change their communities for the better,” stated Lance Larson, Co-Managing Partner, adding, “To ensure our clients receive the best service, we bolster a balanced organizational ecosystem – one that empowers and motivates our team to enthusiastically do what they do best – elevate the client experience. With Goldman Sachs’ FinLife CX Platform, Orion, Redtail, and Envestnet Money Guide Pro, we have surrounded ourselves, and therefore our clients, with only the best.”

Virtix opens its doors managing approximately $250 million AUM and has selected TD Ameritrade as its preferred agent for all custodial, clearing, and trading support.