Bringing Your Investments to Life™

ViaWealth works with individual investors, families and institutions to truly understand their goals and values prior to preparing a financial plan. We elevate the client experience, bringing your investments to life™

We specialize in serving successful business owners, professionals, institutions and charitable endowments. Our clients want to achieve real financial freedom, enabling them to experience true independence, peace of mind and security in their lives.

We elevate the client experience by taking time to learn about our clients in order to understand exactly what they wish to achieve. We utilize a behavioral-based, values driven, planning-first approach to identify and reach our clients’ financial goals.

Visualize the goal, integrate the plan and achieve your potential
We enable our clients to achieve their goals by utilizing our Via-Life Plan process that is customized for each client to determine how they think and feel about money. This allows us to formulate a financial plan and investment strategy that works for the way they want to live while still being able to achieve their financial life goals.

Guidance-Driven Planning

Once you understand the life you want to lead, our process is straightforward. Here are steps we take to ensure our clients’ investments support what matters most to them:

Gain clarity around your intentions and goals, so you can make informed, intentional decisions.

Create a plan to help achieve what matters most to you and your family.

Construct a personal, customized portfolio tailored to your individual preferences.

Understand Clients' Goals, Create Financial Plan, Construct Personlized Portfolio
Our investment solutions are comprehensive and customized to each client centered on a behavioral-based, values-driven approach to understanding their goals, objectives, timeline and values. It is not only about the goal; equally important is how we accomplish the goal and the process we take to get there. (We make sure that the journey is as important as the destination.) Prior to building an investment strategy, we take the time to truly understand what our clients want to accomplish and how they would prefer to pursue their goals. Only after investing the necessary amount of time and energy, engaging our clients in order to identify what motivates them, will we create a financial plan and investment strategy that fits their lifestyle.

Elevating the Client Experience

To come to better understand you, we utilize the Via-Life Plan process, which helps you visualize your goals and come to better understand how you and your loved ones feel about money, investing and the future. We accomplish this through efficient meetings that center around you and your significant other. The Via-Life Plan is guided by powerful technology focused on behavioral science.
MoneyMind® helps you understand how you and your loved ones relate to money. Understanding your biases around spending, saving and planning is the first step to making clearer, smarter choices that connect your financial life to the life you want to live.
  • Uncover your strengths and challenges with finances.
  • Capture profound insights for discussion with your loved ones.
  • Analyze spending, saving and planning tendencies.
The HonestConversations® exercise helps focus you on the intersection between what matters to you and what you can control. It also gives you the opportunity to get on the same page with your loved ones about your financial goals and intentions.
  • Identify and clarify your intentions, motivations and goals.
  • Discuss the trade-offs around decisions and priorities.
  • Use scoring to track and update progress on priorities.

Working Together is Personal & Intentional

Getting to know you, your goals and how you think about money allows us to work with you in a personalized way that best fits your lifestyle. Establishing your goals and how you define success provides us with the knowledge to be intentional with both our planning and investing activities.

Working Together is Predictable & Consistent

We work together to identify your investing preferences and keep you fully apprised of the progress you are making on your plan. Recurring scheduled meetings, as well as our client Guide Center, provide you with a convenient dashboard to access your information and receive communications.
The lnvestmentViewfinderSM helps you identify your investing preferences, so your advisor can customize your portfolio to align with your financial plan.
  • Facilitate an open dialogue about investments.
  • Track investment expectations on cost, performance, protection and taxes.
  • Identify gaps in your existing investment portfolio using integrated Morningstar® APls.

GuideCenter® is a dynamic, easy-to-use online portal that helps you engage with your advisor to manage your financial life anywhere, anytime.

  • Access, store and share all of your financial information in one place including accounts, portfolios and goals.
  • View your complete financial life in real-time from any device.
  • Communicate with your advisor 24/7 through email and our video messenger tool.

Working Together is Always on Your Terms & In Your Best Interests

We always put your needs first – it’s not only our fiduciary responsibility; it’s the right thing to do. We invite you to put your life and investing on a path to success – the VIA-Life Plan can help you achieve your potential and reach your goals.